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billing & quotations

for 1 Year

Customer Relationships

for 1 Year

Photo Selection S/W

for 1 Year

Hosting Events Online

for 1 Year

Photographer's Diary

for 1 Year

Photographic Website

for 1 Year

Invitation Websites

for 1 Year

Marketing Solutions

for 1 Year

All Subscriptions

@ 6,000 /-

  for one year*
Paper Work Management
Customer Management
Website Management
Tasks Management
Marketing Management

* Kindly note this, this is a subcription package only. This package will allow you to do login to the correspoding modules for the duration of 1 year. User has to pay explicitly for his usage by means of monthly generated bills.

Usage Charges

Description Cost
Hosting new event
The event will be of one day validity exactly.
300 rs/event
New marketing campaign
This includes creative design, setting audience. Extra charges are needed in case of inorganic campaign.
300 rs/campaign
New marketing traditional posts
This includes creative design, setting audience. Extra charges are needed in case of inorganic campaign.
100 rs/post
Extra selection days
first 5 days are free.
5 rs/day
1page- 160characters, 2page- 320characters
30 paisa/page
eMail can be mixture of designed text, media and files.
50 paisa/mail
Number of transactions
Transaction includes invoices, bills, quotations, receipts
20 paisa/txn
Number of transaction items
Transaction includes invoices, bills, quotations, receipts
5 paisa/item

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We, The OXYBILLS is an Indian IT company continuously working on enhancing photographer's life to be more simpler. We are having a team of more than 30 people (in-house) & a ground support team and serving in 29 different states across the India. Right now we are ready with some solutions that can help photographer's life simpler and more effective with better efficiency. The available solutions are Billing & Quotations ( billOXY ), Customer Relationships ( crmOXY ), Photo Selection Software ( selOXY ), Photographic Website ( webOXY ), Hosting Events Online ( eEvOXY ), Photographer's Diary ( profOXY ), Marketing Solutions ( markOXY ), Invitation Websites ( invOXY ), Buy, Sell & Rent ( prodOXY ) and many more to come. In the begining of 2016, our journey had started. Initially we focused working on developing ERP solutions. The first product we built was billOXY which was meant for billing and accounting solutions. Hence the company OXYBILLS was named as oxyBILLS at the first time. The meaning of oxyBILLS is providing oxygen to billing system. But as a company we have to move forward, So we started developing more ERP solutions. In the late of 2017,OXYBILLS is registered as Oxybills Services India Pvt Ltd in to the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs. With the proper guidance and mentoring, the journey started elevating. While doing marketing research, somewhere OXYBILLS has to go with a particular niche market segment to go further. With a long discusion between founding members and mentors, photographers segment is selected as a niche for continuing the company's growth.