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 Having a website is never a bad idea but creating, deploying, managing and updating the web along with the content is never has been easy task for anyone. Using this webAPP you can create Photo Gallery / Video Gallery / Packages / Team Members very easily.

Photo Gallery

999+ images
Collect all images at one place you want to show to the world.
No size restriction
Image size is not fixed. Every image has its own size.
Zooming option
There can have number of objects in the same image. For better view, some people requires zoom option so that the image they want can be seen more clear.

Video Gallery

999+ videos
Collect all videos at one place you want to show to the world.
Loading from youtube directly
Uploading videos on the youtube has become the trend now a days. We suggest every photographer to put thier video on youtube and then link these videos from the website.
Fullscreen video
As usual every visitor watching your video wants to enjoy it completly and we think this can be achieved only by making video full screen.

Pricing/Packages List

99+ packages
Visitors to your website, every prospect has one question in mind and eagerly search for it and it is pricing. What you costs for them to get hired, this is what they want at the end.
999+ products / services
More Importantly, you should have a list of products and services you do provide. This helps every prospect/customer to have a complete information about the product/service.
Package title with description
Provide every single detail of your product so that the customer should not have any doubt about you and your product.

Team Members

Expertise level
Every person has its own command in his domain. It is better if we rate it on any scale.
Fb link
Facebook has become one of the most important social media to present yourself socially. Keep yourself updated on these media.
Insta link
After facebook, instagram play very important role in social media. This instagram deals with oly images contents. You can share images very easily.
Unlimited members
Human resources is the key department of every organization. The more valuable your team is, you are more likely to success.

Professional SMS alerts

Contact us SMS
Let your web visitors contact you through the website.
SMS with customize senderID
Please have your own customized sender ID for doing a communication with your customers like amazon.in has AZ-AMAZON, paytm has VZ-iPaytm


Free logo on Website
Yes, LOGO is the symbol of branding. This must be present at appropriate places for trust building.
Free google location
place your office on the google to help new visitors to reach up to you using the google map.
Free 5 home page title Images
Featured images are the images that are expressing yourself in very well depth. These are very limited in numbers.

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Billing & Quotations
A Billing & Quotations is always a good idea specially in the business where presentations matters the most. The field photography is also the belongs to the same field where presentation matters mostly. Using this webAPP you can create Quotations / Invoices / Receipts very easily.

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Customer Relationships
Managing customers and comunicating among them is always a tideous task for every businessman whether it is small scale or large scale. A proper track must be maintained between each and every client. Here we came up with a solution where managing number of clients becomes so easy. Using this webAPP you can create Unlimited customers / Business SMS / Business email very easily.

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Photographic Website
Having a website is never a bad idea but creating, deploying, managing and updating the web along with the content is never has been easy task for anyone. Using this webAPP you can create Photo Gallery / Video Gallery / Packages / Team Members very easily.

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Photo Selection S/w
After every photoshoot of every event, photographer has a huge collection of images snapped in the event. In this digital world, every customer wants to have a photo selection proccess for optimizing his budget and for convenience. Doing this process in traditional way take a lot of time and efforts. To resolve this, we came up with this solution. Using this webAPP a customer can do his selection process on Mobile , Smart TV , PC , Laptop etc very easily.

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Hosting Wedding Online
Every photographer has to face different kind of events very frequently. Can we use these events for making a photographer? Yes, we can. This eEvOXY tool allows you to marketize, publitize your business in very different innovative ways. Using this webAPP you can use events like Weddings , Birthdays , Engagements , business events , business Parties etc for your promotion purpose.

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Photographer's Diary
Every photographer has its own traditional handwritten diary for maintaining his daily tasks, photoshoots, expenses, important notes etc. But in this digital era why should not we have a digital diary? Here we came up with a solution. Using this digital diary you can keep track of Shoot Booking , Expenses , Appointments etc very easily.

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Invitation Websites
In this era of technology, people are interested in doing each and everything using the internet. Internet is verymuch useful to optimize the cost and to increase the speed of delivering the information. Then why not to put this technology for inviting the guest. Create a website of invitation and share the link among your friends and relatives.

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Marketing Solutions
Number of business owner thinks that marketing is a waste of time and money. If it does wastage, definitely you are not spending with a proper planning and strategy. A effective marketing can be done with analyzed, structured and planned strategy. Marketing is different than sales, marketing refers to the brand building. Branding helps you to do recuring sales and a unique identity in the market.

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